The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

30th May 2012

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill is the result of The Beecroft Report. The Beecroft Report was written by Adrian Beecroft, Venture Capitalist, commissioned by the Conservative Government. The remit being to suggest changes to employment law in order to encourage businesses to take on more staff and grow. There was a purported concern that businesses were ot hiring through fear of the existing employment legislation.

The changes that have been suggested are as

  1. Renaming of Compromise Agreements to Settlement Agreements;
  2. Referral of all disputes to ACAS before issuing tribunal proceedings;
  3. Capping the size of the compensatory award;
  4. Penalties to Employers who fail adhere to the ACAS Code of Conduct;
  5. Whistleblowing claims have to be in the public interest;
  6. Reducing Employment Tribunal costs – including reducing the number of Judges both at Tribunal and Appeal, taking witness statements as read and using legal officers for the simpler claims, for instance unlawful deduction from wages claims.

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